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Prairie Ridge High School Feeder Program - Crystal Lake, Illinois


Please familiarize yourself with all the Program Policies that are in place before registering.


NOTE: You will be required to sign these policies during the registration of your athlete.

Register Now

2021 Regular Season Registration – Welcome!


The NGIN website system uses a parent to child registration system.  This means that, as a parent or guardian, you must create a ‘parent’ account that will allow you to register your athlete(s).


To register and use the new NGIN web site system, there are 3 ‘basic’ steps that you need to do.
Create an account on the NGIN system using the ‘Create an Account’ button at the top of any page.
This will be the ‘Parent’ account.

        B.     Using the account that you created in Step A, register your athlete(s) using the ‘Register Now’ button.

NOTE: If Registration has not started, the button will not be available.

       C.    Ensure that you update any information regarding yourself or your athlete(s) to ensure that communications lines are kept intact throughout the season.

This link provides you with detailed support for the NGIN system

Important registration details

** Flag Football is ages 5-8 **
** Tackle Football is ages 8-14 **


** Mascot Cheer is grades K-1 **

** Competition Cheer is grades 2-8 **