Player Placement Policy

The objective of the player placement process is to assign each athlete to a team that is suitable to his or her individual talent level. Each athlete will go through an evaluation process (usually during combine) conducted by all level head coaches. Based on these evaluations the players will be placed on a Big10 (Sunday), MAC or PAC team (Saturday).


The Tackle Football Placement Policy States:

A.     By registering my athlete to participate in the JR Wolves Tackle Football Program, I understand he or she will be placed on a Big10 (Sunday), MAC or PAC (Saturday) team.

  1. I acknowledge the JR Wolves coaching staff will make all final decisions related to team placements.
  2. IMPORTANT: BIG-10 (Sunday) Selection
    1. I acknowledge and understand that should my son or daughter be selected to participate at the BIG 10 Level, and there are conflicts regarding this selection that could prohibit full participation, as a parent I can request to “Opt Up”, or move from the current level to the next higher level of play. This would result in a PAC-10 placement of my athlete.