2022 Football Fees

Tackle Football (Grades 2-8): $485

Flag Football (Age 5/6, 7/8): $215

** TCYFL Superbowl Streaming Fee **
 - Should your tackle team make it to a TCYFL Superbowl, there is an additional streaming fee that the program is charged.  In previous years, this has been an additional ~$20 per player.  This fee is only applicable for teams that make a Superbowl.  Fee's will be collected via our online store when applicable.

Tackle registration fees include the following:

- 1 tackle jersey

- 1 pair of game pants

- 1 pair of game socks

- 1 pair of Breast Cancer Awareness game socks

- 1 Jr. Wolves cinch bag

**Additional game pants, socks, practice jersey, and combine t-shirts are available for purchase on the registration page for an additional cost.

Security Deposit Information

As part of your registration, each athlete is issued equipment that is property of the Jr. Wolves organization.  In order to ensure proper care is taken with the equipment, a security deposit check will be collected at check out.  These checks will be held securely by the organization for the duration of the season.  The checks are not cashed/deposited unless the equipment is deemed damaged or lost.

At the end of the season, when Jr. Wolves owned equipment is returned, the deposit checks are then returned to the parents.

Deposit checks will be collected in the following amounts at the time of tackle equipment check out.

Tackle Football:  $400